Sunday, 9 March 2014

Fat Parliamentarianism

There is no real difference between National or Labour. There is no difference; they are merely two different sides of the same "democratic" coin. The stand in parliament, gesticulating and bawling against one another. Spewing vitriol against one another, displaying a brutal lack of conscience.
When their term is coming to a close and elections are just around the corner, these honourable gentlemen and "gentlewomen" become suddenly seized by an irresistible desire to act. Just as the caterpillar cannot help growing into a butterfly, these parliamentarian worms leave the great House of Puppets and flutter on new wings out among the beloved public.
They address the electors once again, give an account of the enormous labours they have accomplished and emphasize the malicious obstinacy of their opponents.
Once they get back into power, the peoples man now changes back again into the parliamentarian worm and becomes fat and rotund as they gorge on the leaves that grow on the tree of public life!
Only to be retransformed into the glittering butterfly after another term in office has passed.
And they persecute everybody who dares to point to the failure of their policies and activities and predict similar failures for the future. If one finally succeeds in nailing down one of these parliamentarians to hard facts, so that this political artist can no longer deny the real failure of his whole action and its results, then he will find thousands of grounds for excuse, but will in no way admit that he himself is the chief cause of the evil.
This is irresponsible parliamentarianism.
Corruption and Self Interest are rife in politics on both sides of the "democratic" coin.

Monday, 24 February 2014

National focus

We must create a National focus on the family and upon community morals, values, ethics, and standards, through true ‘brotherly love in action and deeds’, not just philosophy, and also not in the spirit of liberal ’egalitarianism’ and ‘internationalism’ or Communist/Socialist universalism.

We must create a New Zealand for New Zealanders, whoever they are, which put them and their needs above all else, with New Zealanders in control, and with each committed to this, for their own interests, and their collective benefit.

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Money money money....

I have a big problem with the way our money is created.

The Banks create money from nothing, then lend it to us and charge us for it! This has to be criminal!
We desperately need to implement something like what is trying to get going,
The problem with following this path is that we will have the same problems as Napolean, Abraham Lincoln, Adolf Hitler, and John F Kennedy.
Napoleon decided France had to break free of the debt and he therefore never trusted this bank. He declared that when a government is dependent on bankers for money, it is the bankers and not the government leaders that are in control. He stated,
“The hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Money has no motherland, financiers are without patriotism and without decency, their sole object is gain.”

Lincoln was killed for the printing of the Greenbacks, so was Kennedy. Hitler was attacked, had his nation destroyed by the International Financiers because he also expelled the bankers and began to print his own money.

I worry, that if we have a true financial revolution in this country, and groups like achieve their goals, I worry about the repercussions from the Bankers. They control the world. In saying that, for our country to be truly free and prosperous, this financial revolution is something that we MUST do.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Priorities of Life.

We have to make sure we’re focused on our people and who they are. 

For a person to be happy, and I mean truly happy, they must put the things of life in the correct order of importance, and this is:


Put your faith--whatever that is--put your faith first. From that naturally comes your Family. Then comes your Work.

Put your life in this order, and you will become truly happy.

If a person does this, Work will take anything you have left over after that. 

The belief there is, if you’ve got your own balanced life going on, you’re gonna feel better about yourself as a person, and about your family, and where you work--and you’re going to be able to share that with other people.

Friday, 27 December 2013

The personal values of our "Leaders".

The People’s State must assure the welfare of its citizens by recognizing the importance of personal values (as in the values of the chosen leaders, take Len Brown and his affair...his personal values mean what now?) under all circumstances and by preparing the way for the maximum of productive efficiency in all the various branches of economic life, thus securing to the individual the highest possible share in the general output.

Hence the People’s State must mercilessly expurgate from all the leading circles in the government of the country the parliamentarian principle, according to which decisive power through the majority vote is invested in the multitude. Personal responsibility must be substituted in its stead. (Look back to the "personal values" comment above. If a person is to have Ultimate Authority and hence Ultimate Responsibility, his Personal Values must be of the highest order)

From this the following conclusion results:
The best constitution and the best form of government is that which makes it quite natural for the best brains to reach a position of dominant importance and influence in the community.

There are no decisions made by the majority vote, but only by responsible persons. And the word ‘council’ is once more restored to its original meaning. Every man in a position of responsibility will have councillors at his side, but the decision is made by that individual person alone.

Full authority over his subordinates must be invested in each leader and he must be responsible to those above him.

Even then we shall not be able to do without those corporations which at present we call parliaments. But they will be real councils, in the sense that they will have to give advice. The responsibility can and must be borne by one individual, who alone will be vested with authority and the right to command.

Parliaments as such are necessary because they alone furnish the opportunity for leaders to rise gradually who will be entrusted subsequently with positions of special responsibility.

The following is an outline of the picture which the organization will present:
From the municipal administration up to the government of the Nation, the People’s State will not have any body of representatives which makes its decisions through the majority vote. It will have only advisory bodies to assist the chosen leader for the time being and he will distribute among them the various duties they are to perform. In certain fields they may, if necessary, have to assume full responsibility, such as the leader or president of each corporation possesses on a larger scale.

In principle the People’s State must forbid the custom of taking advice on certain political problems - economics, for instance - from persons who are entirely incompetent because they lack special training and practical experience in such matters. Consequently the State must divide its representative bodies into a political chamber and a corporative chamber that represents the respective trades and professions.

To assure an effective co-operation between those two bodies, a selected body will be placed over them. This will be a special senate.

No vote will be taken in the chambers or senate. They are to be organizations for work and not voting machines. The individual members will have consultive votes but no right of decision will be attached thereto. The right of decision belongs exclusively to the president, who must be entirely responsible for the matter under discussion.

This principle of combining absolute authority with absolute responsibility will gradually cause a selected group of leaders to emerge; which is not even thinkable in our present epoch of irresponsible parliamentarianism.

The political construction of the nation will thereby be brought into harmony with those laws to which the nation already owes its greatness in the economic and cultural spheres.

Regarding the possibility of putting these principles into practice, I should like to call attention to the fact that the principle of parliamentarian democracy, whereby decisions are enacted through the majority vote, has not always ruled the world. On the contrary, we find it prevalent only during short periods of history, and those have always been periods of decline in nations and States.

Down with "Democracy"!

The fact that various plans have continued from one administration to the next just goes to show that there is no real difference between left wing or right wing, National or Labour. There is no difference, they are merely two different sides of the same "democratic" coin. What you have to look for is the person behind the coin.

It is not the aim of our modern democratic parliamentary systems to bring together an assembly of intelligent and well-informed representatives. Not at all. The aim rather is to bring together a group of "nonentities" who are dependent on others for their views and who can be all the more easily led. By this method alone it is possible for the wirepuller, who exercises the real control, to remain in the dark, so that personally he can never be brought to account for his actions. For under such circumstances none of the decisions taken, no matter how disastrous they may turn out for the nation as a whole, can be laid at the door of the individuals whom everybody knows to be the evil genius responsible for the whole affair. All responsibility is shifted to the shoulders of the Party as a whole.

Furthermore, the crimes of democracies are rarely punished, as it is difficult to punish an entire voter bloc, so that democracies have far less practical disincentive to evil than any dictatorship whose dictator can be pinpointed for account. And when majority opinion – in itself already a socially persuasive force – is further given political authority, it acquires an illusion of moral rectitude, meaning that democracies can rarely be brought to even admit collective responsibility for evils they have perpetrated. Voters will at most blame the representative they themselves selected, while retaining unshakeable confidence in their collective ability to wisely select his replacement.

"Down with democracy!" I say.

The focus of a nation...

"All the material things in this life are transient. Whats important and whats defining is that things that we all share. Love, unity, togetherness. As long as we have a cultural narrative that eschews these ideas, that suppress these ideas in favour of negative human traits: greed, selfishness, lust, as long as these ideas are being promoted we will exist in opposition to one another and we will be exploitable by corporations that prey upon these negative facets of humanity." Russell Brand